Initially trained as an Aircraft Engineer,
Bikash Das converted his keen hobby of photography
into a profession. He engaged in high-end Advertising and
industrial photography since the early 80's and his clientele included
most major advertising companies including Rediffusion, HTA/JWT, Enterprise, Everest, Contract, Ogilvy & Mather, etc. Industrial advertisers included Maruti Udyog, BPL, ONGC, Escorts, Archies to name a few.

In the early 90's he also commenced Research & Development of
support systems for professional photography and developed expertise in
dark-room techniques involving consistent Reversal Film Processing, Reversal Printing (which was unavailable in India). He also developed specialised innovative equipments.

Many of the top professional photographers frequently seek his advice
for specialised problem-solving equipments and other photographic solutions.

Since the beginning of his photographic career, he has been engaged in
imparting knowledge and know-how. He has developed various new techniques and modules for teaching photography to beginners and aspiring professionals.